Vesta on Greenlight!

It’s a pleasure to tell you that our first game “Vesta” is in Greenlight!!
FinalBoss Games is a studio located in Tàrrega (Lleida), founded in 2015 and formed by passionate videogames with years of experience and now they work to make what we are passionate about: video games !!

VESTA, a quick-witted 6-year-old girl, wakes up in a desolate underground labyrinth, the ruin of what not long ago was a shining city inhabited by perfect machines. In this deserted landscape, she finds herself with BOT, a little helper who knows much more than he appears to. Using his first hints, we find our way out of the dark first level, a tangle of gnarled industrial ruins with no apparent function. To make progress in this passive but hostile environment, we will take DROID, an endearing man-made fool with whom we can undertake physical tasks impossible for any adult, let alone for a little girl. Finally, along our way we will find the MORIBUNDOS, the remnants of failed attempts to create an advanced artificial intelligence, in whose failure we will find the keys to our salvation.

In the scenarios of Vesta we have many elements with which to interact: blocks of wood and metal, moving platforms, gates, conveyor belts, electric fields, fans, etc.
Many of them work with energy, and the player will have to decide whether to turn them on or off, depending on the needs of the moment. We also have spaces through which Vesta cannot pass and enemy robots
that will make it difficult for us, but there are ways to overcome these setbacks … we will have to investigate!
One of the strong points of the game is that both characters are very different from one another, but they need each other. They form a real duo. It is impossible to solve this game without the skills of both characters.
For example, on many occasions you need to use Droid as a shield to protect Vesta. On others it will be Vesta who sets Droid free or who opens up the way for him … In short: characters with obvious differences, but which make up a real team.