Set in a highly technological universe, with Vesta you will again feel the challenge of traditional  puzzle games mixed with more arcade elements, all within a very elaborate and fascinating story.
Gears, robots, mystery, humour, challenges, fun and action … Vesta is that, and much more.



  • Two characters: Vesta and Droid form a perfect team to go on this adventure. On the one hand, we have a smart, agile girl capable of managing energy. On the other hand, we have Droid, a strong and powerful robot who will help Vesta to handle the different situations … control both to achieve your objectives!!!
  • More than 30 levels: With a clear progression of difficulty, the player will have to solve the challenges of each of the levels, which are set in different environments, all very attractive, and in scenes full of objects to interact with: platforms, conveyor belts, hatches, …
  • Enemies: Take on many different types of robots that will shoot at you, try to blow you to pieces and big bosses that will want to crush you … you’ll have to go find them out for yourself. But watch out! Not only are the enemies dangerous … the scene is full of traps!!!! Acid baths, lasers, collapsible floors … you have to be aware of everything around you!
  • Energy: This is the essential element that makes the whole world of Vesta work. Find it, manage it, recycle it!
  • Collect: Secrets spread over the scenes and the pages of the comic that tell you the story of Vesta.


With Vesta, we wanted to develop a game, as well as being fun and very attractive from an aesthetic point of view, in which the story was something important, and not simply an excuse. That’s why we are dissecting it little by little, with a lot of cinematics and even a comic within the game that will inspire you.

As an appetizer, in a post-apocalyptic world, Vesta wakes up in a complex managed by robots in which she has to find a way out … and an explanation of what has happened to the world!